Clik-Clik Magnetic System

Hanging ceiling signs should be Fast, Simple, and Safe

Ceiling signage is a valuable strategy for presenting important messages to your customers and employees. But, hanging signs and décor should not be difficult or dangerous.

The ladderless Clik-Clik™ Magnetic Sign Hanging System makes that job Fast, Simple and Safe.

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Shop Clik-Clik

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Clik-Clik Magnet Sign Hanging System

The unique Clik-Clik™ Magnetic Hanging System eliminates the need to climb a ladder or rent a lifting device, making ceiling installations and retrievals easier, faster and safer.

High Ceiling Solutions

The FlatHat™ system is ideal for open-beam ceilings over 27 feet high. FlatHat helps virtually lower your ceiling to a reachable height.

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Loopline Hanging Cord

LoopLine™ is our durable cord that connects any ClikMagnet™ to signs, displays or decorations.

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Window Frame Plate

Transform non-magnetic surface into a receptacle for ClikMagnets™.

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Why Use The Magnetic Clik-Clik Ceiling Sign Hanging System?

Hang Signs Level Every Time

Our patented sign-hanging cord, LoopLine™, is designed to hang signs level and end the need to tie connecting knots.

Position Signs for Visibility

Our MagPole™ installation pole allows signs to be strategically positioned in highly visible locations and easily moved when needed.

100% Ladderless System

No climbing ladders, standing on unstable surfaces or riding lifts! Clik-Clik makes installation safe for employees.


Clik-Clik™ has helped our stores execute the ceiling sign program for the past 4 years. Ceiling Outfitters has met all of our customer service needs and promptly filled and delivered our orders.

Kyle, Lubbock, TX
United Supermarkets

See Clik-Clik™ In Action

Step 1

Prepare the MagMover and MagPole

Step 2

Attach ClikMagnets to your sign with LoopLine

Step 3

Place prepared ClikMagnets onto assembled Magmover

Step 4

Extend the MagPole™ to attach the sign to a metal surface

Business Solutions

Ceiling Outfitters® partners with over 2,000 organizations to provide sign hanging solutions that help them better communicate important information.

Our Partners Receive:

  • Competitively discounted prices on bulk orders
  • Extensive inventory with same-day shipping
  • Quality service with industry experts

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Safe & Simple Ladderless Magnetic Sign Hanging System

  • Heavy-duty magnetic pull–no damage
  • Attaches to any metal surface containing iron
  • Ceiling tiles are NOT lifted or damaged
  • Flexibility to use with any sign size
  • Reusable and inexpensive

Specs & Details

  • Single tool to install and remove
  • Convenient attachments for easy maneuvering
  • Durable Components = One-time purchase for years of use
  • Faster Ceiling Sign Installations
  • Safer without need for ladders

Specs & Details

  • Extends to high ceilings, but will fit in your sedan
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Easy and convenient to store with MagMover
  • Use directly from floor, no need for a ladder
  • Fast to extend and compact with quick push button
  • Sturdier than the competition while fully extended

Specs & Details

  • Easy to cut to any length
  • No need for tying knots
  • Save time measuring – Just count the loops for desired length – See it in action
  • Reusable and inexpensive to save you money

Specs & Details

Specs & Details

  • Plastic coated, neodymium magnets – no damage to painted surfaces
  • Adheres to any metal containing iron - on both drop ceilings and open girder industrial ceilings.
  • Ceiling tiles are NOT lifted or damaged
  • Reusable and inexpensive
  • One tool to both install and remove signs/decor.
  • Allows the attachment of one ClikMagnet, while holding the sign to move to the second attachment place – full 360 degrees.
  • One time purchase for years of sign/décor installation and removals
  • Easy to use: Install signs 70% faster!
  • Safe to use: Keep your feet on the ground!
  • Compact to fit into economical cars while transporting.
  • Stores easily, with the MagMover attached (i.e. behind an office door).
  • The MagPole is used in a vertical position with the base resting on the floor (to load the sign, to extend and retract the pole). It is never put into a horizontal position where it would bump into people or products.
  • Weighs 8lbs
  • Extends to 18 feet PLUS your body height.
  • Push button mechanism for easy and fast opening and closing of the MagPole.
  • Sturdier than most extension poles when fully extended.
  • One time purchase for years of sign/décor installations and removals.
  • LoopLine is on a spool and is easily cut with scissors for a variety of required lengths.
  • A HUGE TIMESAVER: With two lines, each with the same number of aligned two inch loops, the sign will always hang level! This is because the line is looped instead of knotted onto the sign.
  • ANOTHER TIMESAVER: To change-out a sign, un-loop the LoopLine and re-loop it onto the new sign.
  • Reusable and inexpensive.

Clik-Clik Vs. The Competition

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*BH Max rates the strength of the magnetic field produced by MegaGauss Oersted (MGOe).

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