Reach New Ceiling Heights with The FlatHat™ System


We Hear it Every Day…Installing Signage from Tall Ceiling Heights is Difficult and Dangerous

Hanging signs from ceilings using ladders or lifts can be dangerous and complicated.  The challenges and dangers are magnified when trying to access tall ceilings over 27 feet in height, leaving people hesitant to utilize this valuable space for hanging effective visual displays.

Ceiling Outfitters® says ditch the traditional heavy tool belt, unsafe ladders and expensive lifts for our new and innovative solution, making sign installations and changeouts from areas with very tall ceilings SIMPLE, FAST, and SAFE with your feet planted firmly on the floor.

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Hanging Sign Hardware For Retail Display Windows


Hanging and changing ceiling signs can be tedious and sometimes dangerous. However, it doesn’t have to be with the proper banner hanging system.

At Ceiling Outfitters®, we’ve solved these challenges for retailers by offering the hanging sign hardware needed to easily hang ceiling signs and displays without the danger or hassle associated with the traditional sign hanging process.

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When To Use a Starter Kit Versus a Custom Sign Hanging Kit

Upgrade Your Sign Hanging System

The traditional sign hanging process is tedious and requires many moving parts. However, in recent years, revolutionary sign hanging systems have been introduced that make the process safer, easier and quicker than ever before.

Its now possible to NEVER measure, cut, crimp, or use a ladder or lift to hang signs again.

These tools typically include strong ceiling magnets, installation poles, and a connecting cord.

Savvy business owners have already made the switch, while more continue to follow. Now, with custom sign hanging kits available from Ceiling Outfitters®, it is easier than ever adopt this new process.

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Creating A Lean Environment Using A Sign System


Life in the twenty-first century is comprised of millions of transactions and messages shared each day.

These transactions are led by many individuals with unique agendas, with little to no external management. Yet, they typically complete tasks and arrive at their destinations without major problems or confusion. This is due to the detailed processes implemented in our every-day lives.

Think about traveling by plane or car. Consider a grocery or retail shopping experience. What about the last time you visited the hospital or the post office? How useful were the signage, visual cues, and written direction when navigating to your final destination?

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