The Art Behind a Successful Visual Display

The Art Behind a Successful Visual Display | Ceiling Hanging Products

Creating and properly presenting a visual display is easier said than done. There is certainly an art to hanging signs in terms of creating a visually striking aesthetic and showcasing it to generate the optimal reaction. Here’s a look at the art and science of hanging signs.

A Tool for Clear Communication

The purpose of a visual display is to effectively communicate to the prospective buyer. A hanging sign must convey a message regarding value or merit. A sign that communicates such a message in a clear manner captures the attention of shoppers. More importantly, it will express the benefits of a particular product, service or event. Engaged prospects are inclined to spend additional time in the store dramatically boosting conversion of a prospective customer into an actual customer.

The complexity of the sign is especially important. If it takes a prospect 10-20 seconds to process the sign’s message, he might tune it out. This is especially true for signs positioned by entrances or other areas where people typically spend a couple seconds at most. So, don’t hang complex signs that take more than 10 seconds to process in areas of the store where customers don’t spend significant amounts of time. Place signs with simple designs and messages in these spaces. Continue Reading “The Art Behind a Successful Visual Display”

Ensure Employee Safety with A Banner Hanging System


Ensure Employee Safety with A Banner Hanging System

The last thing a business needs is an on-the-job employee injury. An injured employee can’t work. Productivity dips and someone must be trained to perform in place of the injured worker. Then there is the matter of the physical and emotional pain stemming from such an injury. No one wants to see a hard worker endure a painful injury while trying to make a living. A workplace injury has the potential to spike workers’ compensation insurance rates. It also damages workplace morale to boot.

If your business uses signs, banners or other visual displays, it is imperative to provide your employees with a completely safe means of hanging such ads. Such a solution has finally arrived. Continue Reading “Ensure Employee Safety with A Banner Hanging System”