Use a Magnetic Hanging System to Make Your Ceiling Sell

Use a Magnetic Hanging System to Make Your Ceiling Sell

Everyone who owns or manages a business understands the untapped advertising potential of their facility’s ceilings. This severely underused space has the potential to thoroughly engage customers and employees. Make use of a magnetic hanging system at your facility and you will find the sales challenge to be that much easier.

Magnetic Hanging Systems Make Meaningful use of Underutilized Spaces

Take a moment to consider how you currently advertise your products, services and other offerings. You probably have a few wall signs, floor displays, shelf-edge signs and window signs. Yet you might have overlooked one of the most important spaces for marketing: your facility’s ceiling. Signs and visual displays hung with a magnetic hanging systems allows you to strategically position your message and engage the audience. You can use magnetic hanging systems to display advertisements, information about specials, general ceiling displays, you company’s value proposition, décor or whatever else you deem appropriate for your business. This is the perfect way to raise awareness of price discounts, information pertaining to holiday sales and special events.

Consider the mentality of the typical customer when he steps foot in your facility. His awareness is heightened. He is looking all around at the products, advertisements, prices and other information. He is absolutely certain to see product and price-related information when displayed with a magnetic hanging systems. Such information displayed from the ceiling at the product  provides prominence to the product.. These hanging signs demand attention. This really is the perfect way to draw attention to specific offerings, prices, sales, upcoming offerings and anything else your business  likes to highlight.

Magnetic Hanging Systems Make the Installation Process Easier

The installation of magnetic hanging systems to display signs from the ceiling is nowhere near as difficult as most assume. The installation process takes minimal time and effort. It is perfectly safe and does not require a degree in engineering or physics! Installation can be performed by brand marketers, sign installation contractors, and retail personnel .

What is Required to Hang Signs from Your Facility’s Ceiling

You do not need complex and bulky equipment to attach magnetic hanging systems to your ceiling. All you need is the metal of the drop ceiling “T” bars, open-ceiling steel beams, or exposed roof decking. Clik-Clik is the perfect system for hanging signs with magnets. Clik-Clik is ideal for an array of diverse venues ranging from traditional retail and grocery stores to event venues, manufacturing facilities, churches, schools, universities and beyond. Part of the appeal of this system is that it doesn’t require the use of an unwieldy or dangerous ladder and multiple people. There is no need for an employee or anyone else to climb 5 or 10 feet up to position the marketing material. Nor is there any need for scissor lifts with their rental fees. So, don’t worry about OSHA’s strict set of rules pertaining to the use of scissor lifts.  Clik-Clik components work together to make the installation of signs from your own two feet safe, easy and quick.

MagPole and MagMover

The MagPole is specially designed to function as a durable installation pole for extended professional use. Use it for the easy and safe transportation of a magnet-sign combination to the ceiling. It is also used to retrieve the magnet-sign combination.

MagPole and MagMover

Three unique extension lengths are available, allowing for the hanging of signs on ceilings up to  27 feet high. The MagPole then collapses for easy transportation and  is sized just right to fit in the back of the average sized car. The MagMover works in unison with and connects to the upper portion of the MagPole. It transports  and retrieves the ClikMagnet with ease.

The ClikMagnets

ClikMagnets are small but uber-powerful permanent neodymium magnets that resist demagnetization. They firmly and reliably connect to any metal surface comprised of steel. ClikMagnets are lined with a plastic coating to protect against scratches. Those who try ClikMagnets testify these nifty devices really are the ideal replacement for conventional ceiling clips that tend to be quite difficult to work with. ClikMagnets disconnect from the ceiling with minimal effort. They are available in different pull-strengths: up to 3 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb. and 20 lb. magnetic pulls.  The pull strength is governed by the amount of iron/steel in the connection point.


This magnetic hanging systems also makes use of LoopLine. This cord is configured with 2-inch repeating loops and connects ClikMagnet to the ceiling display or sign. When each length of LoopLine™ has the same number of loops, the sign will hang level. And, there is no need to connect with a knot.  Simply loop the line back through itself to make a sturdy connection to the magnet and the sign.  LoopLine is available in several roll lengths and colors including clear which  allows for a nearly invisible aesthetic. It provides tensile strength upwards of 25 pounds. This is the ideal replacement for string, barb, steel cable/chains as well as metal and plastic C-hooks.

About Ceiling Outfitters:

Since 2007, Ceiling Outfitters has partnered with over 2,000 organizations and 22,000 stores nationally within the retail, manufacturing, education, and hospitality industries. Ceiling space and storefront windows are optimal visual display locations and we help customers utilize these areas safely, quickly, easily and more economically.

We are the master distributor of the Clik-Clik™ family of product, the premier magnetic hanging system that transforms the ceiling eco-system into a workable location for strategic placement of ceiling signs and displays and helps employees suspend items without a ladder or lifting device.

The Art Behind a Successful Visual Display

The Art Behind a Successful Visual Display | Ceiling Hanging Products

Creating and properly presenting a visual display is easier said than done. There is certainly an art to hanging signs in terms of creating a visually striking aesthetic and showcasing it to generate the optimal reaction. Here’s a look at the art and science of hanging signs.

A Tool for Clear Communication

The purpose of a visual display is to effectively communicate to the prospective buyer. A hanging sign must convey a message regarding value or merit. A sign that communicates such a message in a clear manner captures the attention of shoppers. More importantly, it will express the benefits of a particular product, service or event. Engaged prospects are inclined to spend additional time in the store dramatically boosting conversion of a prospective customer into an actual customer.

The complexity of the sign is especially important. If it takes a prospect 10-20 seconds to process the sign’s message, he might tune it out. This is especially true for signs positioned by entrances or other areas where people typically spend a couple seconds at most. So, don’t hang complex signs that take more than 10 seconds to process in areas of the store where customers don’t spend significant amounts of time. Place signs with simple designs and messages in these spaces. Continue Reading “The Art Behind a Successful Visual Display”

Ensure Employee Safety with A Banner Hanging System


Ensure Employee Safety with A Banner Hanging System

The last thing a business needs is an on-the-job employee injury. An injured employee can’t work. Productivity dips and someone must be trained to perform in place of the injured worker. Then there is the matter of the physical and emotional pain stemming from such an injury. No one wants to see a hard worker endure a painful injury while trying to make a living. A workplace injury has the potential to spike workers’ compensation insurance rates. It also damages workplace morale to boot.

If your business uses signs, banners or other visual displays, it is imperative to provide your employees with a completely safe means of hanging such ads. Such a solution has finally arrived. Continue Reading “Ensure Employee Safety with A Banner Hanging System”

Characteristics of Ceiling Signs that Grab Attention

5 Types of Ceiling Signs That Resonate with Your Customers

No two ceiling signs are created equal. The size, color, typeface along with other design elements of a sign matter a great deal. Even the subtlest of details have the potential to make a monumental impact on customers’ perception of the business, its offerings and influences their buying decisions.

Results from several studies shows retail signage is very effective at influencing and driving sales. Shoppers remember effective sign advertisements as part of the total in-store shopping experience. This is proof that the visual impact of a sign can inspire prospects to interrupt their normal course of activities to peruse a business’s offerings. Here’s a look at five of the most important aspects of ceiling signs that are critical in the quest to effectively communicate your value proposition and attract as many customers as possible.

1. Improve Readability Through Contrast

The best ceiling signs invite reading or at least a brief scan. Shoppers don’t read the sign, they read the words. Easy reading is made possible through many different strategies. Chief amongst them is contrast. Make use of a solid background color and generate. Continue Reading “Characteristics of Ceiling Signs that Grab Attention”