Overall Rating: 71.05%
Average Rating: 7.11/10
The Clik-Clik™ Magnetic System for hanging signs is an easy system to use. I invested in the Starter Kit and became an instant hero with our Maintenance Engineers. Our ME’s do not have to drive our electric scissors lift out onto our shop floor to put up new signs. The ME’s can do all of their sign hanging work while standing down at floor level when hanging signs 20 feet above them from the ceiling girders. I am happy, too, since the Clik-Clik white LoopLine™ saves me from getting grief from my company executives. We previously used a small steel loop chain to hang our signs. Dust bunnies would collect on the chain after a period of time. No more dust bunnies and no more company executives complaining that the dust bunnies needed to be cleaned up due to the unacceptable visual appearance. I have recommended the Clik-Clik System to my fellow Managers at our other company locations. I have also given Clik-Clik System information to our sign fabricator, so that they can share this with other companies which they fabricate signs for in our area.

Value Stream Manager
David, Large Manufacturer
The service is top notch. The products from Ceiling Outfitters are outstanding and helped us tremendously when setting up signage in our warehouse. I would definitely recommend this company.
George Bozak, Innovative Logistics Group
We LOVE Tom at Ceiling Outfitters and his products. The American Airlines Honor Team at DFW decorates the gate area in terminal C for different military charity events throughout the year ending with our largest event, The Snowball Express (for the families of our Fallen Heroes: https://www.snowballexpress.org/). Previously, we used fishing line and paper clips to hang snowflakes and other decorations from the ceiling. It would take us days to complete the whole area - but Tom came to our rescue with the awesome Clik-Clik Magnet system and "LoopLine". These products saved us several days of work - not to mention the frustration of putting fishing line on paper clips, climbing a ladder and lifting ceiling tiles to tuck the paperclip underneath. The "tear down" day was amazingly easy and we can reuse these for next year! Thank you Tom for helping us make Snowball a great success!
Autumn Hedberg, American Airlines
Clik-Clik™ has helped our stores execute the ceiling sign program for the past 4 years. Ceiling Outfitters has met all of our customer service needs and promptly filled and delivered our orders.
Kyle, United Supermarkets
I just wanted to say that we very much enjoy working with your company. You are very efficient and your customer service is exceptional!
Rachel, Carroll University

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