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Average Rating: 7.06/10
We are really enjoying using the pole and magnets around the library. Putting up and taking down the hanging Christmas decorations last year was so easy.” -Donna, Lillie Russell Library
Donna, Lillie Russell Library
This email is amazing! Not only does it show that you look at individual orders, but that you are willing to go above and beyond to make things right! That isn't something just any company does, but it shows how committed you are at providing excellent care for your customers. I will be raving about your business to everyone! Well done!

(Putting this testimonial in perspective: Jeremy placed his order on-line for his church and was charged sales tax. We refunded the sales tax and changed the shipping method from FedEx Home Delivery to FedEx Ground Commercial which saved him some additional money).
Jeremy, Providence Frisco Church
I was looking for something to hang decorations (lights, paper lanterns) from the ceiling with greater ease than having to use a ladder. Clik-Clik did the trick! I love it. It was so fast for putting the lights up and also for clean up. Someone at the banquet saw us using and wants to order for their school. I like that it is affordable and reusable. Also, the product was mailed to me very quickly, so I was able to look at, and practice before putting to use. Thank you for great shipping and service! I would highly recommend!!!
Sandra, Griffin First
This is one of my all-time favorite product finds! With multiple orders now, I can officially give a "10" because product, shipping & service has been consistently top notch each time. FABULOUS product - it cuts my set up time by more than half. These are fantastic items because it allows you to prepare the work ahead of time for very quick set up at the client. When I use the magnets and loop line it allows me to be perfect without any guesswork or asking someone "is it even?" I highly recommend Ceiling Outfitters & Tom - you will be thrilled!
Naomi, Naomi's Designs
I love-love-love the Clik-Clik product- it's genius! The only dilemma I have struggled with is the suppliers but I just solved that issue.
Just last Friday I realized I needed to place an order fast and realized the weekend was either going to make it or break my deadline. As I was ordering online, I called them directly to see if they could get my order shipped same day. The gentleman on the phone was so helpful and reassuring, although it was late in the day and they had passed their 'standard' cut-off time for shipping, they processed my order immediately and shipped same day. I received my order just in time. Since I am relatively new to the dealership, they had never seen the Clik-Clik product in action. I have never turned so many heads- customers included! These things sell themselves!!
Karen, Glendora Chevrolet

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